Hello to all my friends and foes !

Well i was just sitting around my cage and decided it was about time i shared a little of whats in my rather sizeable brain . This ,of course , is my first ever poker blog so im sure i will miss some commas and periods , but please bear with me .

  At first i wanted to go on here and whine about all the bad beats , suspicious plays , idiotic calldowns , non-sensical jams , and of course the hilarious fact that every idiot call seems to suck out on me no matter how bad they get their money in , but ..why bother . Truth is after a couple of years playing in the premier league ( and one month back in the donkey farm open league ) , i have come to the rather obvious conclusion that when we play in the leagues , the difference in skill levels of  the players is so vast , that i simply cannot assume that my villain has a grasp on simple poker basics like when to call or fold .

 Because of this simple fact , my play simply has to adjust to the skill level of my opponents , and all the poker theory , math , etc. , must take a back seat to common sense , my notes , and the color coded labels i assign to  (almost ) all the players in league .

  Crappy players will eventually show themselves , so take notes , mark them , and target the crap out of them , for they are still the best chance for a decent pile of easy chips . Sometimes they will get extraordinrily lucky and kill your aks with 94off , but most of the time you will stomp them into little bitty crappy pieces .


 Thanks for reading my rambly yappitty yap , and to all of you i have berated , called a donkey , or sent the fishy symbol at , i wont apologize , but i will say that i understand that you dont understand , so just keep doing what you are doing and thanks for the chips i will eventually add to my stack .