For me it seems that March came in like a lamb and OUT like a LION! I Hit my goal with no trouble and am really stoked about it even though the promo I was shooting for is over and the score doesn't matter. LOL

I went up almost 200 points in just a few days!! HELL YEAH!!! Really made me feel like perhaps I don't suck TOTALLY and that when I actually PLAY GOOD POKER I can manage to do a little better! Next month will be interesting I suspect!!!

I also managed to raise a little fundage for my sad little account. I have 70cents or so now... gonna play a few dime tourneys and see if I can't raise a little more... That said I am feeling pretty good about this month and feeling even better about my chances next month... if i can raise my score almost 200 points in a few days I wonder what I could do IF I can maintain my focus for a WHOLE MONTH!?!? That will be the key, i think.. maintaining my focus and not allowing myself to get STUPID again... we shall see... but for NOW....