So yesterday was great.. played smart and managed to get some points back... 

First game today got bumped around 1000 or so with qq.. I HATE POCKET QUEENS!!! My opponent slow played pocket aces and drew me in... I did call.. my own fault and my opponent played it well. SO I can't really complain.. that will set me back 10 or 12 points but that is OK I still have 6 days to hit my mark and since I am now hovering right around 1500 I am OK with it!

My strategy has been pretty simple... DON"T GO CRAZY... is easier said than done when those around you are doing it... but the point here is to see what happens when I play my best game. And a bunch of all-in's is NOT IT!

SO the mantra for today is REMAIN CALM! :wink: BUT even given the little set back, I am still MOVING RIGHT ALONG!! 

WHO KNOWS I might just make my goal... *crosses fingers and prays to the poker gods to be kind* :wink: