Found this PSO and I am loving it, I am an avid learner, I have read many books, and reread them later on. A lot of the information both on here and in the books confuse me at one point or another. The thing about PSO is you can immediately apply the lessons you learned on any MTT. I love the practical exercises embedded into the lessons in this school. I have went through one of the courses multiple times to help perfect my game. I am looking forward to making some deep runs in small and micro MTT's over the next few weeks. As far as being successful on the PSO leader board, I am confident I will place in the money this month. I am not confident I will be, or possibly ever be in the top 10. This is due to time constraints and my inability to get AA to win in these tourneys. ( no bad beat stories, I am happy to loose as my ability to get all-in and called with AA is key.) My results so far this month include one first place and two out of the money places.