I recently came to the realisation that I'm the epitome of a recreational player, and that caught me by surprise. Recreationals are often percieved as weaker players, so naturally I was somewhat perturbed by the realisation I was one. However, over the last couple of weeks I've thought it through and i don't really think there's anything wrong with being a recreational player, and here's why:

- As with most of the online poker community, I have a full time job that I rely on for income, which on top of limiting the amount of hours I can spend improving my game, means that I don't need to become profitable at poker. Yes it would be preferable, but I'd be fine without it.

- Poker is first and foremost a hobby for me. I play it for the fun, if I didn't find it fun I'd find something else to do. This fact however prevents me from reaching my full potential as a poker player. For instance, I know that were I to watch Lee's Trout Stream each week then my ability would likely increase massively, However I do not find streams that focus solely on hand reviews to be engaging enough. I recognise the positives of such a resource, but if given the choice I'd much rather watch a streamer play poker.

- The one part of my game that I focus on improving the most is mindset, and that isn't just because of poker. Yes it's certainly beneficial, helping to avoid tilt a lot of the time and reducing the amount of time you're on tilt in the extreme situations where it still gets to you. But by improving my mindset, it's making me suffer from a lot less stress (something I was really struggling with towards the end of last year), and just generaly improving my outlook on life.


Poker is a big part of my life, it's my main hobby, and it always feels nice to win money. But that's exactly what it is, a hobby, and tbh by not looking at it as a job it helps me to enjoy the daily grind a lot more. Thanks for reading and gl at the tables.