In my last blog post I talked about my crazy start to trying 2-7 triple draw tournaments, cashing all of my first 3, winning one of them. The number of triple draw tournaments I've played is now at about the 35 tourney mark, allowing plenty of playing time for variance to strike, and I felt an update was due. 

NOTE: All figures are rounded to the nearest dollar

In the previous post I slightly underestimated how much I was down over my first year of online poker. Officially (according to sharkscope) as of the start of play in the first triple draw tourney I was $201 down over 921 tourneys, though that isn't accounting for T$ tickets used, so it was likely more like $160. In the 3 weeks between then and now I have played 56 tournaments, mostly triple draw but with some 8 game and NLHE included. Over those 56 tournaments, I am up $16, the first time in a 50 tournament sample I've been profitable. It's also worth noting that my total NLHE/8 game cashes in this period is also at about $16 WITHOUT taking into account the buyins for those tourneys, so I am definitely profitable in 2-7 triple draw.

One more stat worth paying attention to is my all time online winnings, and looking at how much has come from the past 3 weeks of playing triple draw. My all time online winnings currently sits at $268. However, of that $268, a massive $159 has come from triple draw.

Results wise, the amount of success I've had is baffling. I have won 2 tournaments (already more than in NLHE), as well as making a deal for a 3 way equal pay in a 3rd tournament (was only supposed to payout 2 places, and the 3 of us were all on equal stacks when it became 3 handed so it seemed fair and +EV for all). In total the number of triple draw cashes I've had is sat at 9 currently.

As a result of this I think I'm going to make triple draw my main game. It's fun, I'm improving all the time, and I'm actually profitable. I'll still play some NLHE, and I'll dabble with other mixed games, but this makes sense.

Thanks for reading, ang gl at the tables!