The first full year of me playing poker is nearly over, and I'd say that from one years experience I've become a small losing player. I believe that i'm about $120-150 down for the year, but when you break it down, that really isn't much, it's only about $10 a month, and considering how much fun it causes that's a worthwhile investment in my opinion.

Except, that may not be the case anymore. My ability has noticeably improved in this last month, and until a few days ago I'd have guessed at being breakeven for the month. But a couple of days ago I entered into a $2.20 Limit 2-7 triple draw tournament. And I've entered into 2 more since then. My results?

Tournament #1 = 1st place, win $25.46

Tournament #2 = 7th place, win $5.35

Tournament #3 = 2nd place, win 27.60

I've literally cashed 3/3 tourneys, got to HU in 2 of them, picked up only my 2nd MTT trophy (not including satties and BTC tourneys), and made a net profit of $47.41. Sure 3 tourneys is nothing if I want to see if playing them will be profitable to me, but because of them, I'm now freerolling my next 21 tournies. If I can get anywhere close to this success rate in those 21 tournies then I'm laughing! Limit 2-7 triple draw, touch wood, may be the making of me as a profitable player.