Recently I've played quite a few 5 minute BTC tourneys, and I thought I'd share the few tips I've picked up on how to play them with you all.

- Because of the set player limit of 48 players, there is a break even stack size to aim to be above, 5555 chips. This is only just above starting stack, so most times you make the time limit you should make money, but be careful anyway
- The carrot of quick money acts as a lure to fish, which you can use to your advantage. In the first minute you usually will see the field drop from 48 to anywhere between 24 and 32 players, in a shovefest. I generally play tighter for the first 90 seconds when the blinds and antes are still small, then loosen up to standard 4-max play for the rest. Gradually getting looser in BTC tournament is definitely +EV.
- The one early time I'm sometimes not so tight is the 2nd hand. Look at your table opponents. Are they just below starting stack? If so they probably folded the first hand without any voluntary put in. it's worth playing that tiny bit looser than the rest of the first minute if this is the case as more often than not they're playing tight and will fold, whilst you can easily fold to aggression back without damaging your stack too much.
- In a 5 minute game, it is usually somewhere between 10-15 players that survive, all but one or two making profit
- Do not worry too much about the size of the blinds and antes in the final minute. If the amount is threatening your survival then you should be shoving most things anyway, and with the smaller player pool at the end you only get 3-4 hands in that last minute, because you spend a bit of time waiting for each table.