February really was a strange month for me. There were a lot of big successes, some of which I've already talked about, but for every victory I seemed to get a horrible failure. Let's cover the successes first though:

1) 13th in The Big Bang, shortly followed by

2) 12th in the Hot $0.55

3) I found a game I can at the very least maintain my BR on: the $1.50 Fifty50's

4)  Got 20VPP for the first time, which coupled with good performances means

5) I've got promoted to the Premier Skill League


Now all this is well and good, and I'm very excited to play at the higher tier of Skill League, but this month a lot of my weaknesses have been exposed, which I'll need to fix if I want to make profit from this:

1) I can't play Spin and Go's. I don't know why, since I've started to improve at the 16 man 4 ring sats, which are essentially the same, but I just can't succeed at them. whenever I do a daily challenge where I need to win a Spin and Go it can take me 4 or 5 attempts and sometimes I just give up, I'm thinking just stay away from them completely.

2)  Similarly, I'm no good at Cash Games and Zoom, though for these there is still hope as i do seem to be improving a little every time I play them. Now I say that, but it's more like I have 2 key problems when playing them:

CASH GAMES =  Play far too nitty, thus easy to read when I have something and I don't make up enough in hands I do play.

ZOOM = Don't let go of hands as well as usual, in fact terribly. The fact that Zoom is geared towards only playing your best hands lures me in. i could be on a good run as well, then throw away most of my stack from not folding when clearly behind. No more Zoom until I master it wiith PM me thinks!

3) Touched on this already, but I'm too nitty. I only loosen up slightly from playing in the OSL, and as a result my VPIP never troubles 15%, and rarely troubles 10% (in full ring tables). And that's with gradually becoming looser! This is something i definitely need to work on, though judging from my current tourney I'm definitely trying to listen to myself so far, 25/23 stats.

4) And finally, linked to #3, I need to be much more brave/confident. I've noticed that when I get SS, or at least relative to the table, I get bullied out of my chips a lot. Similarly, when I'm running okay in a tourney, I don't think "I've got this tourney nailed", I think "got a chance of cashing here!". That isn't a winning mentality, that, is a decidedly Spursy attitude to have. And I don't want to be seen as Spursy. Always the bridesmaid, never the bride. I want to be feared on the felt like my beloved Tottenham are now feared on the pitch. I want to be a winner and the first step is confidence.

I think that's all, so thanks for reading and GL at the tables