I had already written this up but then my chrome suddenly died, so here I am starting to rewrite it 3 hours and 10 minutes after the tournament started. The tournament in question: The February edition of The Big Bang I qualified for by getting 3 consecutive >400 finishes in the OSL last month.

Obviously this is now going off memory instead of being accurate, but I'll try my best. My main aim for the tournament was just to min cash, and see where else it took me. With over 1000 participants and a bubble of 252nd, this was always going to be a tough one and I made it harder for my self with a couple of early hands where I called pre then folded on the flop. This put me below 1000 chips at an early stage. However, with 40 minutes gone, I made a major realization: The players with heavy stacks on my table were playing loose, not tight. So I joined them in this tactic, and soon I was not just back to midfield, but near the top.

Throughout the next hour and a half I gradually moved up the field, to the point where for a long time I was up in the top 20. In fact, I was running so well that by the time the bubble came I was able to actually exploit it. Bubble bursts, job done, I'm delighted, but the battle isn't over yet. Next stop, making the 3rd break for only the 2nd time ever. 

My great run was bound to come to an end though and indeed it did.

Massive respect for that hero call, I'm not sure I'd have made it. The fallout from that was that I dropped down to about 60th and was pretty soon a midstack. And that's where I stayed until I started typing this back up, having made it to the 3rd break.

Not long after I started typing, my down swing ended though. I'd just dropped down to 10BB so I was looking for a place to get it all in when this happened:

And just a few moments ago I shoved with a similar hand.

As a result, I am currently 14th with just 75 remaining, guaranteed at least $9.25, a massive boost to my BR. I'm really unsure how I've managed this but here I am and I love it.

Right I definitely need to remember the advice @TheLangolier gave in his twitch stream a few weeks back: the winnings by surviving one more level is the difference between the two levels, not how much the level payout says it is. Because with 57 left, the payout is currently $11.25, and goes up to $12.25 at 54 left, but the winnings for surviving those 3 places is only $1. Hopefully this will stop me making any stupid decisions. However, it is going to be really difficult to keep a sane mind I reckon, because I'm currently SECOND at the 4th break! And 2nd place would payout $600! I'd be rich if I can hold on now!

I think I might not update this blog post until I'm out now, I don't think my brain could cope.

Well after staying alive for 5 hours and 15 minutes, I finally just busted in 13th place for $30.50 after my QQ ran into KK. But who cares about how I busted? The point is I'm rich!