My first full month with PSO and my first full month actually properly playing on Pokerstars, and it's been a good one.

I started the month with $0.41 all won on the same day in December, thanks to a $0.01 cash in the Open Skill League followed by picking up $0.40 from one of the tourneys in the Beginners Bankroll. I used this to begin with on the cheap SNGs, trying a couple of $0.02 990 man SNGs to no avail, before hitting 3 cashes on the trot on the $0.10 360 man SNGs, boosting my bankroll up to $1.25. However, I was then tempted to try the Spin and Go's, and I pretty quickly lost my winnings despite taking a few tables. Back down to zero.

My main target for January was to increase my bankroll through a high finish in the OSL (this after getting 3115th last month). And the month started well, I found a bit of consistency to begin with, and after a few days I was well placed just outside the top 1000. Then came the slump.

Now this slump started on the 6th, but it didn't take full effect until a couple of days later. When it did, it hit hard. In 9 tournaments, I only got a positive score once, and despite it being a big 'un (75.92 points for 122 of 10000), I still only just broke even, and I was left down near where I finished in December. Eventually I did pull myself out of it, but it was a slow process of gradual improvement. It wasn't until the 20th, a full fortnight after it started, that the slump was well and truly over.

At this stage I was still down on 1736 points, a good 200 points off what I expected to be good enough for a min cash. Fortunately for me, once I got out of that slump I did nothing but climb, and climb fast. By the 21st I was up 100 points from just 24 hours earlier, by the 23rd I was on over 2000 points and safely above the min cash threshold. I wasn't done yet though. Just a couple of days later I was looking up, not down, as I realized an improvement to a $1.00 cash was possible.

With 4 days left, on the 27th, I looked like I'd done enough, up to 2190 points. The next day it started to look unlikely though. 3 consecutive negative score sent me tumbling down to 2155 and in need of more points to be sure. it was looking like I might even fall into another slump so I was seriously considering parking for the $0.50 min cash, but I'm so glad I didn't. 5 consecutive top 1000 finishes, including 4 consecutive sub 400 finishes, earnt me not just nearly 200 points to make me consider pushing for an even higher cash, but also a coveted Big Bang ticket.

Even with an early bust in my final tourney of the month, I've finished on 2319.80 points, a massive improvement on last month, and around about 150th overall (the very last leaderboard update is yet to come but with just the final tourney to update, which I didn't take part in, I'm currently 149th). This will be plenty good enough to get the $1 cash, which I will use to get enough VPP for promotion to the prem (hopefully) next month. (I only ended up getting 3VPP this month so no promotion this time)

All in all a marvellous month, and it's given me a lot to look forward to in February as well!