Before today, I was sort of a min cash specialist in play chip tourneys. I could make it past the bubble, maybe even to the beginning of late play, but never into the higher chip levels. In just over a months play, I had only made the final table of any event with over 45 players once, and that was in a real money 360 man SNG (more on that in my review at the end of the month).

Today that changed though. Today I made the final table of a proper play money tourney, beating my previous best finish of 42nd (in an event of about 700). I was even the chip leader for a short time, my first time doing so in a proper MTT. Coming through a field of 1143, I finished in 7th place, cashing for 14,916 chips. Hopefully I can continue this success so that I am mentally prepared for the true step up to real money, whenever that may be.