There is one overriding principle for winning at Hold'em - you only bet your money when it might be profitable based on your hole cards and the flop. In all other circumstances fold your hand. The one golden rule in poker is that it is very easy to give away your chips but very hard to win your opponent's.

It is recommended to play a solid poker strategy to start with, playing only the top ten hands and folding all the others. In poker, these starting hands give you the best chance to win more pots whilst also giving you the opportunity to learn the other aspects of the game. These hands coupled with careful analysis of your opponent's play will help you to make your critical decisions as to whether to check, fold or raise.

The 'Top Ten Hands' are:

  1. A-A
  2. K-K
  3. Q-Q
  4. A-K
  5. J-J
  6. 10-10
  7. 9-9
  8. 8-8
  9. A-Q
  10. 7-7