Here at "POKERSTARS" they have a selection of Free Play games, which is the easiest way to learn to play poker without risking any money. Once you are comfortable playing on the Free Play tables, you can then move onto our beginner tables where you can play against new players to poker, such as yourself, for real money. You will have access to the beginner tables for a period of 30 days as far as i  know from joining the site but can play on the Free Play tables at any time.

The Poker Tips discussed here are a general approach to help you to learn to play Texas Hold'em. It is a game where you as a player will have to make playing decisions based on your hole cards. As the community cards are shown throughout the hand, you will need to determine your chances of winning and the size of bet you wish to place if you choose not to check or fold. These decisions will be different for each hand as your hole cards and the flop change and you must adapt your play accordingly.

As a new player you must learn to play solid poker first and then learn to deviate from this as your poker knowledge and skills grow. Poker is not only about the cards but also about the people you are playing and your position on the table, which are skills you will develop the more you play.

You can gather a lot of information about the players at your table as soon as you sit down. Some players are constantly placing bets in the pot, who are termed loose players and other players who rarely get involved are called tight players. Loose players are easier to beat as they play too many bad hands, whereas tight players only tend to play when they have strong hole cards and also get a flop that helps them. So while you are learning to play poker, just observe the players on your table to see which category they fall into.
Thank You and hope this information help as i used them myself.