Universities are a breeding ground for young poker players, with a mix of intellectual minds combined with the too often empty pockets of the average student. With just a deck of cards and some chips, the game is very accessible and can be found across campus from the kitchen table and common rooms to the University affiliated society. Many a story from a seasoned pro will tell of how they picked up the game from friends at school and college and that was the start of a beautiful career.. Nowadays with increased technology, almost every student will have a laptop, every room has hi-speed Internet and wireless is available right across the university. Internet poker has never been so accessible for the student generation. Not to mention that you’ve just been let of the leash from mum and dad and don’t even need to ask permission.

It’s another reason why the so called ‘new generation’ is learning younger. With so many different forums, training resources out here in"Poker School Online" provided by POKERSTARS , there is a wealth of information for the young, intelligent minds to divulge. One $10 deposit here at "POKERSTARS"and a bit of hard graft later,YOU find an innovative new way to make money.

Allmost every player i chat with in pokerstars is a student from around the world,if you are a student and you reading this short blog please tell us your story and how did you start playing and how did you find "POKERSTARS".
Thank you.
Ben Hanachi "Hannibal_Ben"