The all in tournament strategy says that you fold every hand except the following. AA, AKs, AK, KK, QQ, JJ, TT, 99 and 88. With these hands you move all in. Some players don't include the 99 and 88 and some players add 77. There are even a few players who add all pairs. You can see that you will be folding most of the time. However, think about how the best tournament players play. They also fold most of the time.

This systems power is in the ability to take all of the most difficult decisions away from the beginning player. For example, you raise from early position with QQ and have one caller. You make a continuation bet on the flop and the original caller then moves all in. This is a tough situation for even the best players and a beginning player is likely to make a mistake. With this system the player avoids these types of situations.

The best poker players force their opponents to make decisions because every time their opponent has to make a decision he or she has the opportunity to make a mistake. This is the type of player that you need to try to become. You need to learn enough about the game of poker and your opponents to help them make mistakes as often as possible.

Please remember this is just my way of playing wen i started my first real money tournaments,it work most of the time and they have a few problems that make it vulnerable.

Feel free to try the all in tournament strategy but always work toward improving your game so that you don't have to use it in the future.

Reply afetr trying this system and provide us and the community with a feedback if you like the system.
Thank you.
Ben Hanachi "Hannibal_Ben"