Well today the luck continues.

Played 8pm GMT game got down too 310 and pushed my chips ahead only to get outdrawn by a guy with 3 outs... then i play the 10:30pm GMT game and im down to 296 and sat with ace 8 suited with 3 BB .. guy pushes 4.7k i call he holds ace 7 OS (yes offsuit) and hit's the 7 predictably !! Seriously how long is pokerstars gonna babysit these no hoper donks for!!

Just an update 1am GMT game out in 368th. Had 760 chips left push with ace 9 get called off cbGranny who has 2 10 os and it gives her trips. Seriously u donk *&^ learn to play or **** off back to the game of bingo! Pokerstars babysitting the donks again , again and again !!!