Well everyone things were going smoothly and i was sitting pretty in the top 50 in the league but the last two days have been a complete blowout. I set my record for worst performance ever then followed it up with seven (yes seven) minus point games. Now firstly in the first game i got a heavy points loss in i got a bad bad badbeat which really sent me to the brink of despair (arggg) then after that i just could not get my head back together and the nightmare has continued ever since. I have had numerous badbeats kill me but cant make excuses because i simply have not been playing good poker like i always have done. Maybe it's just a mental error or i simply need a break but i have dropped from 13th place too 180 in a matter of days and for a player as good as i know i am with all my experience it simpyly is not good enough.

Im going to take a long hard breath and in these final two week try and make an assault on the leaderboard because i said i won this month and im letting myself down whilst Bdog145 sit's pretty at the top of the leaderboard. Dont get me wrong the guy is a good player and he has previous big wins in cash tournaments but i think he needs to stop coming across like an arrogant *i am a poker pro* player and then i would have respet for him. As for other players CraftyCarrott and Bear55876 are playing very well and i think they both will be fighting for top spot come the end of the month.

Today's sickest badbeat for me came in one of the PSO Warm Ups where i was sitting pretty with over 10k in chips then i was dealt Q Q. One guy moved all in for not so many chips then another guy with around 21k called so i falt called. Flop came Q 6 2 so i was very happy and bet 1200 too make it look like i was weak and other guy called, turn came 6 so i hit full house and my face lit up, i bet again and guy called i beleive then we got all the chips in and unbelievably he was sat with pocket sixes and hit quads on the turn which really put me in a sour mood. But what can i do ? 

Anyways that's all for today guys.

Have fun at the felts.