So far February has been good to me in the PSO, I have new rules that I follow and have really tightened up my game, I am currently in the top 200 of nearly 12,000 and I am hoping to make a run for the top of the board this month.  I have adopted a new strategy and will only play in the tournaments that I can stay at the whole time, so no more sitting out for most or all of a tournament, I will be at the table playing solid poker.  I made one final table a few days ago, but was taken out in 8th when I had Q9 and hit Q 10 8 on flop, bet big and was called by one guy, J on turn and I hit my gut and he put me all in, I called and he had called me with K 9 on the flop and hit the bigger straight. I've also finished 11th and 19th this month and made the money four times in a row the night before last and yesterday.  Hopefully the rest of the month goes as well as the first half has.  I'd like to thank everyone that spends the time to read this blog, and I will see you all on the felts.