Hi, my name is Rick Holden, and I play as Belnik on Pokerstars.  I have played poker since I was a kid and have played seriously for 9 years.  I play at several home games in western North Carolina and I usually play for $20-$50 stakes, though I've played a few $100 and $200 games.  In live poker, I perfer to play cash games and online I prefer to play MTT's.  I play every game of poker I can try, and I am really good at lowball games and hi-lo games, but I love texas holdem above all others.  I joined the PSO in July and won a few bucks, but in August I was no longer "active" and although I won one of the PSO tournaments in August, I quit playing until October when I was active once again.  Since coming back, a 4th place finish in one of the tournaments last month has been my best finish.  I think most of the members of this league are far too agressive, it's real bad news when you can sit-out for the entire tournament most of the time and gain points because of how fast everyone else went out.  I plan to use this blog to discuss all of my poker outings and bad beats and good reads, etc that I see at the tables.  Hope to see you there!