Hi guys!



So this grind from $80-$8000 is a journey to far far far away land I feel. But it gives me something to do

Ive been trying to follow in felix's footsteps, but i am certainly not getting the winrate he is able to on zoom. actually on zoom im still breaking even...

As soon as i switch back to Normal tables i feel more comfortable. 

able to make more plays...even at 5nl...yes you heard me, i think it is profitable to know certain spots to make a bluff at as low as this stake.

Do you feel more comfortable at the normal tables and prefer to rely on reads?



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Current profit: +$84.17

so BR: $80 + $84.17 = $164.17

I will be taking an aggressive approach to my br, which i decided right now will be done on normal tables.

I had a mini premature 10nl shot and am up about 40bbs.

next proper 10nl shot @ BR 180 -> giving myself two stacks to play with.