Hi guys, 

So i have a decent amount of fpps in my account and before, i usually just cashed each 1000fpps for $10 in the stars shop.

Boy did i find out just now I was wasting money doing that! 

today i managed to play a 5fpp, 10fpp and 20fpp. I managed to grab a decent return, one where i also got into the top 9 and now almost reacher the $10 i would normally get from a 1000fpps.

Regardless of this result -> the main idea here is -> even if you just min cash every other time or even slightly less you are making at least 2.5x more than if you just exchange it at the shop.

either way, if your primarily a cash player, like me, these are good nice relaxing tourny's to have on the side while you grind. Which also really makes you think of tables dynamics as its 9handed and forces one to try and play a close to optimum short stack strategy.


Hope you guys try it out