Hey guys,

Firstly want to say Thank You to Dave for the part 1 review of my 10nl game.

I had Camtasia studio recording software set up for the session, it records the screen, So i had my laptop to one hand with notepad and desktop running the software. I had a weird feeling that software was gonna fail for some reason, even though i recorded Gareths session properly just the hour before.... And Oh boy im lucky i had notepad opened, because i was kinda sleepy during the review, but Dave stressed the important things so much that they stuck naturally anyway.

I have taken things on board strongly.

Today playing 5nl, i definitely had come to the tables with an adapted approach to the game, and what do you know? up a stack quite quickly, ofcourse this could be the result of many factors...

...Nevertheless i dont care, Confidence im +EV

In poker, that is one of the main things that One should be high on.


GL at the tables.