Anyone who has been somewhat watching some stages my grind from 2nl to 100nl will know i hit a wall on 10nl.

Today has been a real tough day in terms of variance, was doing rather well up $6 quite quickly, then came across a Russian (i am one too) who just sucked out twice on me and started the downward spiral. That was on 5nl.

My hm2 was showing that EV wise i wise +ev but in actual profit terms was -$$$. not a great feeling.

Decided to jump to 2nl my favourite limit ) and just was grinding till i got back up to the +$$$ territory. Ended the day with +$1.40.  Better than being in the Red. so after 2k hands i managed to somewhat control the variance.

I think this is an important situation that occurs on daily basis to many players, Its really taught me that "if for some reason the day is not going great and variance is hitting me, firstly it doesnt mean im playing bad, and secondly i will re evaluate whether to carry on playing and should i play same stakes"

I was making some truly great calls today and managed to be correct 9/9 times when people were bluffing, even that did not help my profit levels today...

-just proves that you can really be playing your A game and still it wont be your day.

I remember couple minutes ago after logging off the PS client thinking - Man poker is really tough!

But this only inspires me further because i know that all the best minds out there are mentally as strong as the wall i hit on 10nl, which only makes me want to keep working on it.

Hope you guys find your inspiration deep down and carry on fighting too.


#GL at the tables