So ive been grinding 2nl, has been going very well.
i started mixing up 2nl and 5nl tables, and has been going very well also.
yesterday made just over $18 in just over 3 and a bit hours, was so happy.

Today, just now, play 5nl only, and its bloody unbelievable!
lost like 2.5 stacks about $13, in such ridiclous ways, LIKE full over a full, guy with 8/8 calls a 3x raise with 56 on BTN and hits a straight on flop when i hit two pair.
im so ****** pi$$3d.

i guess tonight i will be back on 2nl to grind back what i lost just now.
need a few hours to cool off, take a workout to get this bad energy off.

Rhetorical Question, how does anyone make any money on 5nl...

here is a link to the thread on the forums: