Being in the Black (i dont understand why they say that, i prefer Green, because $ are Green, but i reside in UK so i prefer $, but thats beyond the point lol, so yeah, In the Green)
Ive have made it! from being in the red $25, i just made it back into the Black in two days, of not so much solid grinding, but really approaching the tables when in the right mood and trying to just pick spots.

I had tightened up so much since being in the Red (understandable why its the red, unlike...Black..which has no connection to $ or feeling good), that i just tried to get it in with good equity above 65%.

All results are for 2NL

Profit :  - $19.87
Hands :  5800
(sorry about the link and not thumbnail, on blogs photo's dont come up for me)


so...just about $20 profit since Tuesday on 2NL, hopefully this wont slow down