Yes i just wonder how much longer we here in the states will still be able to play here in p.s. Yes i know ppl we're not able to play for real $$ anymore, but i'm sure the feds in time will tell p.s. to abandon the u.s. and her territories for good even on the "kiddie" tables. Was finally able to cashout today which really pissed me off knowing that we probably will never be able to play on-line poker again. What is so hard about regulating olp anyway? you win ex amount of $$ you file a 1099, the feds meet you at the pay window at the race track dont they? My buddy won 4200.00 at the "Derby" last year and "Uncle Sam" was right there handing Danny his 1099 tax form. This needs to be fixed and fixed NOW!! GO BLACKHAWKS!!! Take care al,l hope to see you again in the future, Scott.