I know i'm not the best poker player, or blog writer, but damnit, if i want to be a fool, and play the fish on real $$ tables THEN LET ME!!!. Was playing on the "Kids" table sunday in a 320 6 hand table. with 3 other U.S. players, expressed my views about the recent goings on with P.S. and the "Feds". And got narry a reply, figuring they were $ players stuck in the mire like myself and countless other U.S. players, ok, no biggie. So i added the "kiddie" table comment later as now it was just us 3 U.S. Zfree815&dakidl798 and me, Sluggo, left to fight for 1800 in play $$. Let me tell ya, been a while since i played for free, and the idiots like the 2 mentioned above, you really cant improve your game with tools ( idiots ) that play for free 'cause they can always get more free chips and really dont care. I'm so disenchanted with my government right now. I have contacted Senator Durbin and Governor Quinn on this issue of losing our real $$ rights. I miss my real $$ buds.