Just came back from a rest from the tables and i find out that the U.S. Government has pulled cash games from P.S. My country is fighting wars on 3 fronts, to protect and assist in giving these countries the rights and freedoms we enjoy here! How is it then they take our rights away to play on-line poker? I have been in touch with the PPA and have been assured they are doing all they can to put an end to this. If any one reads this from the U.S. or anywhere else try to log on from yahoo or google, find pokerstars, and BLAMMO!!! Big old Department of Justice message stating they have shut us out!!! This is totaltarianism at it's worst. We have the right to do with our money as we see fit. I am behind P.S. and  almost ready to go back to my parents homeland. I am extremely upset at these recent turn of events. Any feedback would be appreciated.            Beerslug.