Oh.well, I should/ve read the rules, but that's me!!ops: I will share with you my adventure so far..
 Starting Balance $12.50 = 25x0.50  Jan 1 2012
99x.50 = 49.50
1x 2.20= 02.20
  total   = 51.70
$ won
=46.15  -12% ROI  18/100 ITM  18%ITM  as of JAN 17 2012
 At no time did I boost my bankroll and I am still left with $6.95.To ME,that's still a win as I got to play 100 games and still had some cash left. For February(just going to enjoy the rest of the month!) I will obey the rules(Dang,I hate that!) and post my results as called for.Jan. results/payout can be seen on OPRankings.