I'm playing in a ring game and the player on the button is very loose/ aggressive. Everyone folds to the button, he raises the pot ( normal for him ). Small blind calls and I'm in the BB looking down pocket 5's, so I called as the raiser was L.A. The flop come 5 5 4. SB checks, Having the nuts, I check hoping the loose guy will bet, so I can get paid on the hand. He does bet and to my surprise, the SB raises. I wondered what was going on but was glad to smooth call the 2 bets. The turn come another 4, not a scare card for me and I call a bet from the guy in the SB only to see the L/A on the button raises ? SB and I call. The river comes a King........ the board 5 5 4 4 K. The SB bets, I raise, AND the button re-raises? This goes on until the bettings capped. 
         Now the hands at show down are SB......Pocket 4's;  Button K 8 off  and me w/ pocket 5's. I won w/ quad 5's over quad 4's. As you can see the betting was normal for those 2 hands SB full on the flop....quads on the turn....BUT......WHAT WAS THE LA PLAYER ON THE BUTTON THINKING? I've got high card and hit it on the river? I don't know myself ..... maybe someone else knows.......My only regret is there's no bad beat jackpot, because this hand would of paid.
 Does anybody know the odds of quads against quads happening ?