Variance hit me hard today. 



Raised pf with AA got called by two bad loose passive players, one of which has gotten lucky on me  many times.  Need not continue the story, I lost my BI.  The mistake on my part I guess was overplaying my over pair on an innocent board when there's a bet and re-raise and re-re-raise on the turn.  I was tilting way too much remembering all the times this guy beat me in pots where I had the best hand to begin with.  My emotions go the better of me.  Otherwise it was an easy spot for a fold. (AA against a set and two pair)


The rollercoaster ride continued when I ran my full house into another full house against a loose aggressive player. 


The next big one I ran TPTK into a reg's set on flop.  Again if I had thought through the hand it should have been an easy fold. 


Emotions are so powerful in poker games.  They have the ability to cloud my judgement and make me do things I wouldn't normally do.  I have the ability to discern when I am beat, yet when my mind is clouded with a sense of injustice I make mistakes and rush my decisions. 


The lesson I learnt today is valueble.  I can't say I am happy about losing 3 BI's but I am thankful for the small price I had to pay just so that I can learn to control my emotions better.