In february I started to play at 2NL. After few days of adjustment finally I find my play here. The Langolier really helped me with his recorded class, learn things like SPR, commitment decions and so on. Started with 75$ and at the end of the months I'm pretty close to 150$(not bad or??). Getting 20€ bonus on my first deposit and getting close to 10€ more. Lot of money for the beginners. Nowe considered buyin Holdem manager for 25$ for a year. If anybody has opinition of this i will really appreciated. Multitabling got me in some problems because i didnt do good reads on my opp and couple times cost me some money. I trying learn how to play at 1,50$ fifty50. Interesting SNGs but not get me some money so i play only a few for a week. Hoping that someone who play 2NL and his play is quite profitable that leave some of his experience and tactics. For the end do any have experience at 5NL? Thinking for couple weeks try to play at that level.