Today I have bad run and  decide to share with you what I did when just started playing poker on Pokerstars. I deposit 50€ but only played with 15€. Most of tournament's and SNGs is in the $ so i converted them. My favorite game in freerolll was 8-game and HORSE. I liked that because has such many game and every couple minutes you play totally different game. In real money I found only 2.20$ buy in for a 8-game i started with that. First 2 times finished really close to the money and third one was in the money. When one morning played about 5 hours I come heads up with a big stack and ask him wold they want to split the prise. After short conversation he told me no way(in chips he lead about 70:30). We start to play and after couple good pots I become chip leader and beat him( he has AA, I KQs). I flop pair of kings and on the river came Q. I won nearly  50$. Now I started to improvement bankroll with that win and save my money(converted to the €) and continuation playing with my original bankroll. Couple this 8-game tournaments I not win anything, bad runs appear when  have guarnteed 12th place and I decided to call a bet(i'm all in) and finished 13th. 4 hours of playing and i finished as a bubble boy! Than realised how stupid I'm and try to make it up. In tournaments play that doesnt go this way. Couple bad runs of this tournament's and I switch my game to SNG's 1.50$ 9-max. Again often finished in the money and again bad runs is come. I spent my bankroll and only have 2$ to play it. I played 90 man 0.25$ SNGs and make some money. After a lot of  reading on the forum and PSO i gow to played FL 0.02$/0.04$. My bankroll is every day get a few $ higher and now i have 80$, play NL 0.01$/0.02$. I considered playing again SNG's 1.50$ and FL 0.05$/0.10$ and hope that some day I could play at higher level's and learn how to be even better player. Still I got TILT situation and call's when I'm obviosly beat but after couple of month's I'm a lot better player then from the beginning. Point of this story is that when you decide to make deposit and start playing you should most of the time spent on learning's (not at the table). Use this forum, blog's, video's, tools, live training and ask everything that you want to know. Freerols are great for learning,maybe even to get some money. I like 8-game but while my bankroll doesn't grow up on 220$ I wan't playing it. Play SNG's for quarter or FL Hold'em on microstake. Learn your game and be patiented. The result will come. Learn how to manage your bankroll, passed every course( study them couple time's). Hope that someone this blog would be helpfull. i learn this in a hard way. Cople finishes in the monex does' not make you a good player. Going from the bottom is good way,sometimes very frustrating but is correct.

                                                                                                                                                Good luck at the tables!!