Its the same every time.. 

I start playing perfect poker building my bankroll from $10 to $100 dollars in  a few days playing the 18seat multitable sng's buyin $1.50.. But always when ive reached a certain point I will lose al my money Again Again and Again The strange thing about it is that it seems like I WANT to lose my money.. I WANT to have no $ in my pokeraccaunt... I dont understand it happens every time ...

But this time is diffrent I will keep on grinding the sng's that i know how to beat and im not going to screw up this time! I want to have fun and make some cash this time i dont want to end up with nothing ..I know i can play poker only have to make it true this time ..

My poker Alias is BEATEST i will be grinding about 15 sng's at the same time when im playing so maybe u guys want to rail and see how i do .. byebye here i go

I started today with $10 and after some cashgame I have $16.25 ill keep yal up to date ^^

Lets Grind ! PEACE