So my birthday is just around the corner (March 21) which means I am getting some presents.  So, I have decided on getting a HUD (heads up display for those who don't know) and am stuck between the PokerTracker 4 and Hold Em Manager 2.  I hear nothing but great things from both, but would like to get more opinions from the rest of you out there.  If you could leave some input and advice, that would be great. 

Also, I have read in various forums that if you are a microstakes players, it's really not essential to have one.  Is this true? To be honest, I am not really interested in obtaining data on my opponents play, but rather my own in order to fix leaks (like set mining small-med pockets out of position!).  So, actually, it doesn't really matter if it's not that useful for the micros.

Ultimately, I would love to hear the community's thoughts on the 2. 

Thanks again guys!



P.S.  I will be downloading the demos.....