Hey everyone, what's good?

It's been a while since I wrote...been busy grinding.  A lot of ups and downs and the MicroMillions action has been full of bad beats and suck outs.  My name is beatdiggs and I have been known to tilt; however, it's something that has improved since my first casualty: my mouse.  R.I.P. lil fella.  I won't hesitate to say that I have also been on the giving end which is always fun, but a little embarrassing.  For example, getting cute by shoving all-in with K7 off in the small blind against AK in the big blind and spiking a 7.  Not the smartest move, but it does open doors with future pre-flop raises...but that's another topic.  Plus, the guy was a complete NIT...

Anyway, during these grinds (typically SNGs and Tourneys), I have noticed something along the way: the donk bet post flop from the small blind.  I'd like to hear from the community as to whether it's "a move" or not. 

Here's the situation:

I will raise pre-flop from early position (USUALLY indicating a big hand) and have the blinds call.  As soon as the flop hits, the small blind will donk bet even if there are cards within my early position range. 

Here are my thoughts:

1.  I know of the blocker bet which (in my opinion) indicates someone is either full of air or is on some kind of draw and is trying to get another card for cheap.  So, if the small blind min raises post flop, I believe the correct play would be to re-raise.  The reasons would be because:

a.  I would have hit the board hard.

b.  I too would be on some kind of draw and could possibly see another card for free on 4th street.

2.  Then there is the immediate all-in shove which is essentially the "stop and go".  Typically, the villain is the effective stack has hit the board in some way and is hoping for folds.  I will usually:

a.  Call the all-in if I am the big stack and have some overcards, med-high pocket pairs and/or have hit the board IF said villain essentially has no fold equity (1-5 BBs).  I typically believe that they are just a bunch of liars!

b.  Consider folding if the effective stack still has sufficient fold equity (10+ BBs) even though I am quite certain I still have the best hand.  For example; AQ suited with a king high dry board.  Being that the small blind didn't re-raose shove pre, I would believe hands like kings, AK or even KQ would be out of his range.  But, then again, KQ off, KJ, KT could still be in his range.  Usually, I would think that they be cold calling with more speculative hands like suited connectors (JT, T9, 98 or even as love as 45) since they can (and do) play out well against AK and AQ with the right flop.  I would even say that med pocket pairs would be out of his range because those you would typically just ship pre. 

Another Example

Another situation would be where the post flop aggressor will min raise post flop, turn and bomb the river.  I will call both the post flop, 4th street and typically fold on the river if my hand hasn't improved (busted straight/flush draw typically).  In this situation I think the aggressor is using the blocker bet to induce a raise and get three streets of value for his monster.  Then again, it could just be air after seeing that the draws didn't hit. 


All in all, it is a move that I think is both very donk-ish and yet still quite effective.  The trick is knowing how to deal it.  Hopefully, some of you could lay down some insight/thoguhts in the comment section below. 

Lastly, AQ is my new JJ; hate it with a passion.  I haven't seen a hand get cracked more often than JJ.  And yet, in most situations, playing them is the right move and there's the rub.  Ugghh...