November is now history. Despite the mini (so far) downswing  in the last few days of the month, November was quite successful. During the first part of the month my main goal was converting my FPPs to cash using the 30 and FPP Micro Millions sattelites.  I managed to get well over 2.5 cents per VPP. This was despite not cashing in the two 70 FPP ones I entered. These are especially valuable for those of us who prefer regular speed tournamets as  almost all the other choices are turbos or hypers. I will be saving my FPPs for the next go round.

Throughout the month I played quite a few HU SnGs,. mostly at the $1.50 level. I did fairly well except against one strategy. However by the end of the month I had figured out some adjustments that improved my performance against these players. Not enough yet to start winning consistantly, but at least I am not losing all the time. This month I am going to rewatch Andre's videos again to see if I missed something and watch the ones I that I have not seen yet. The $3.50 SnGs looked very beatable in my few forays into that level, but I decided to perform my experimenting on the strategy that I am having trouble with at the lower level. That is one aspect of bankroll management that is not often emphasized. Do something new at the lowest level possible, so your inevitable mistakes cost you the least money.

Dinner is calling, so I will finish November later. Stay tuned for some very unusual results that happened to a supernova elite who tried to steal blinds from the bear and the tournament you shouln't have missed (the bear didn't.)


Good luck