The Micro Millions promo is here again.  A chance for the small stakes player to compete for big money prizes, without the big money buy ins.And with the many satellites available, the buy in can be miniscule. Howevermy strategy has been to convert my FPPs to tournament dollars using the satellites. There are few opportunities to use FPPs in a regular speed tournament. But there have been some satellites to the $2.20, $3.30 and $11.00 buy ins with 30, 40 or 70 FPP entry fees. The two lowest buy ins have been very soft, not much better than free rolls. The 70 FPP ones are a little tougher, more because only one in ten get ITM than a great increase in good play.



The T dollars have gone to play $1.50 HU tournaments. I had tried Andre's beat anybody method a few months ago, and found that I was loosing to too many players. So I stopped playing HU until I could figure out what was going wrong. I made three changes. First my standard open raise changed to . Then I tightened up my button opening range slightly against all players, and considerably against some types of players. The third major change is to reduce the Cbet percentage. Again the amount of reduction depends on the player type. The results so far have been good. i am on a current win streak of 8 games, one more than my previous best from last week. Even better, I don't have any long losing streaks. Of course what works well at this level may not work at higher levels.


Good luck on your wanderings