After two solid months of playing a lot of PSO tourneys I realized that my patience was taking a huge hit and I was getting burned out playing for too many hours a day. In January I peaked at 1848.62 and then slipped to 1818.55 to end the month.
I started pushng myself too hard trying to match my December score of 1870.17 or better. I have seen the PSO league grow each month and there are a lot of playing styles. Some really great players and a few too many that think bluffing to much with trash hands will get you late into tournaments. I started taking early risks on good pockets with the all-in players and found myself taking more bad beats then I care to count LOL. I was getting frustrated with what I consider to be poor poker playing and fell into the pit trying to trap them. Ouchie..................................

For the month of February I won't be playing as much as I have new obligations and a new job :mrgreen: starting in March. I will be focusing most of my time preparing for the new job and taking care of things around the house before I start. So far this month I am averaging about 1 tourney per day. I have played 8 with 3 ITM's and 6 positive finishes. Only 2 negative finishes but neither was too damaging with a combined negative total af under 5 points.

My goal for February is to maximize my efficiency while playing less tournaments and finish the month at 1870.00 or higher. I have noticed that my ability to maintain a positive score and minimize negative scores is more managable by playing fewer tournaments and avoiding burn-out while maintaining a higher level of patience.