To say the least the second ten days of the month have been a disaster. Everyone has their upswings and downswings and I am certainly on  a downswing. :mrgreen: <---------------laughing at myself. After looking at the leaderbpoard this morning I realized that there are several top notch players ( ones I consider much better players than I am ) having a tough middle third of the month. 
Getting through the early round unscathed has become increasingly tougher with many players with low score and ranking going all in nearly every hand and catching some rediculous luck. >> Last night I folded my 9 3 o and watched 4 people go all in. first player had an 8 3 off, second player had K Q off, third player has JJ, and the fourth had AA. The 8 3 off ended up with a boat 8's full of 3's. LOL. The next 4 blinds I did not get a single playable hand with the monster raising 400 preflop nearly every hand.Down to my last 400 chips I had no choice but to push with my  Q J suited. <-----------really bad timing LOL. the flop was QQ? but it did not matter as the one person that called me had A Q LOL. That was not a bad beat just bad luck/timing.
Here's hoping the last 3rd of the month turns around. I hope to see all the really good players persevere and be on the front page of the leaderboard. There are a lot of you and I hope to see you at the tables.
Best of luck to all (and me LOL).