Well here it is the 10th day of January and I have been fortunate enough to scratch my way into the top 50. Lord only knows how difficult it is to get past the early rounds and make the positive point range.  The competition on the league has gotten a bit tougher but makes the challenge of doing well more rewarding.

Half way through December I took the advice of a couple players and started making notes on players so when I see them in later rounds / tourneys I have a reference to draw from. Huge, huge help. I strongly recommend anyone that reads this post to consider doing so if you aren't already.

It is also a benefit to check players stats while at the tables. I know that it has saved my hiney several times by having the information on a player before considering the hand options. The color coding is cool. ie: RED = Warning>>>>Tough player and will steel your chips if sitting close by. LOL

On a couple occasions I lost my patience with a player that was playing like a wild banshee with wild PF raises with absolutely nothing and made less than stllar remarks in the chat. My bad. Everyone has a right to play their game their way so patience and respect will be my ongoing goal going forward.

On a final note, for those that register to play with no intention of staying and just going all in every hand till they are out, (which will always happen) it shows no respect for the league or the players to do so. If you gotta go, sit out. You will probably end up with a better ranking in the long run.

To all the new members of the league, welcome and best of luck at the tables.