Okay so yesterday was an exceptional day...I did well in PSO tournaments and now I'm in 1st place, but I had a great CASH tourney day as well.

Took 4th place in a Daily $90K which was good for $7,224.75 my personal best.  Beat my 8th place finish in the Daily $40K which I accomplished last month--can't wait to see what March has in store for me :wink:

Actually, that was my first time playing the Daily $90K...I don't really have the bankroll to play that one all the time ($55 buy-in).  I have been playing the Daily $40K a lot more this month though...the price was right for my current bankroll.  However, w/ this latest cash...I can step it up and finally play more double-shoot out tournaments which I love and hope to win some entries into the big SUNDAY event.

I played it the same way I play my PSO tournaments...painfully slow.  I took my time and was very patient--some folks at the table were complaining about me taking too long, but in the end I got the last laugh as I gladly took them out one by one...hehehe  One guy was particulary unhappy w/ me and kept pushing all-in after any of my raises.  I would raise 2 x the big blind, he would push all-in and then I would fold.  This probably happened 3 or 4 times, but in the end I had all his chips and it was very satisfying.  I raised w/ A,K offsuit (I had a large stack) he went all-in as usual...couldn't tell what he had most of the time b/c I was folding to him in previous encounters...but he turned over 5,6 suited and I took him down.

New Personal Best

08-Feb-2011     Daily $90K     4th Place          $7,224.75