I wake up this morning to find myself in 1st place on the PSO leaderboards.  That is very exciting but yesterday was truely an exceptional day.  I finished in 4th place in a daily $90K tournament (deserves its own blog entry) and cashed in 4/5 PSO tourneys w/ one 3rd place finish.

2/8 was good for 114.98 points cashing 4 out of 5 tournaments

This is what the top 10 looks like right now:

1 Rank stable Bdog145                         1867.28  26 tournaments played
  2 Rank stable FourTeller                     1841.56   43 tournaments played
  3 Rank stable II CoTe ll                          1825.80   33 tournaments played
4 Rank stable byron211                         1817.88   18 tournaments played
  5 Rank stable cosmo342                     1815.32   35 tournaments played
  6 Rank stable SpaceHiker                     1799.12   26 tournaments played
  7 Rank stable sugo69                         1788.56   29 tournaments played
  8 Rank stable PokerRoman1           1785.39   36 tournaments played
  9_   Dreams78                     1780.61   17 tournaments played
  10_   shadow970                 1778.86  30 tournaments played

I'm in a very good position right now but there is a long way to go in Feb and I expect the scores in Feb to be lower then in Jan due to the new changes--I can't imagine the ITM going from 12.5% to 10% not having and impact on the top 10 ate the end of the month.  This month 1930 might be good enough...we shall see.