Okay, I have been super lazy about my blog.  Its been a while since I have posted and I have been meaning to post something since Feb 1st.

So in January I ended up #60 overall w/ a final score of 1875.00, I bounced up and down a lot over the last two weeks in January and some of my play was interrupted by travel and work (max score was 1905.15) but I made a really good run at top ten on 1/30.

That day I made 4/6 cashes w/ TWO final tables (placing 5th, 9th and 22nd), but one early bust out cost me some major points.  Regardless, I had put myself in a good position for the final day--definitely w/in reach of the top 10 and very close to my peak at 1890.76 going into the final day of competition.  At the end of the month this (1890.76) was good for 18th place had I NOT decided to play on 1/31.

Unfortunately, 1/31 didn't work out so well and I ened up losing some points--brining me off the front page--and calling it quits for Jan b/f I dropped out of the top 100...hahaha

1/31 was a poor showing w/ 3/4 results being negative and I decided to just sit out the last two tourneys as I had no chance of getting back into the top 10 and I could only see more risk than reward at that point.

January goals were reached....top 100 finish


Onto February....