Oh boy,  how fast you can fall.  I had a pretty bad day yesterday.  I managed to play all 6 tournaments and and didn't cash in a single one.  I lost many 70/30's yesterday...for example; in the last tournament my KK got cracked by A,8 offsuit right b/f the first break--going out b/f that first break is very damaging, so rarely, do I like to push all my chips in b/f for that point....even though I was a large favorite...you can see the end result was painful.

It was only two days ago 1/19/11 where I was in the top 10 and then I steadly dropped down the ranks after each of my tournaments yesterday and now I currently sit at 61...really I hope I can start moving back up today.  My score peaked at (1905.15) only good enough for 11th place at the moment--but now I'm much further behind--back down to (1854.89).  I guess that's what a 50 point hit looks like and it feels even worse.

Summary of yesterday:

332 / 1065     -5.00 Points
361 / 1421     -1.79 Points
511 / 1428     -7.65 Points
287 / 1558    +1.58 Points
584 /1773      -6.29 Points
712 /1499    -12.39 Points

Total:            -31.51 Points

Last tournament on 1/18/11 was an early bust out for antoher -18.72 points to come up w/ the 50 point drop.  No cash streak so far is 8 tournaments in a row...