I played two satellite tournaments in hopes to win entry in to the 1.5M Sunday event and luckly I got my ticket.  I also got a 3rd place finish which was ONLY 1 away from winning a second entry. 

The price is right for the satellite--only $11.70 buy-in for this double knock-out tournament.  So if you make it past the first table you are in the final table and just need to be one of the last two people and you get your $215 ticket.  Not such a bad deal :wink:

Anyhow, I was very excited to finally play in the big tournament--my bankroll is too small to be able to buy-in for $215 every Sunday.  The tournament was much different than I was used to b/c you start w/ a stack of 10,000 and the BB starts out at $50--also the blind increase every 15 mins.  Not used to having that many chips and I was way TOO excited to be playing in this tournament.  Anyhow, I got dragged into a hand pretty early in the game A,K vs A,10 and should've foled...my MISTAKE, some small stuff and a 10 on the flop--I should've folded right away, but I got sucked out...I shouldn't have allowed it to happen but I got cut down pretty fast.  I think I lost like 40% of my chips   After that I was the small stack and the blinds were slowly getting big for me.  I held out for a while, when I finally had a hand to push my chips into the pot I was pretty small and I think I was the favorite but it didn't matter--that was the end for me--got called, and beat!  My mistake was allowing myself to lose too many chips at the begining to my A,10 buddy.  I wouldn't let myself do that in the PSO tournaments...I don't understand why I let myself screw up like that--so sad.  But, I'm sure I will have another shot at it...maybe sooner than later :wink:

January 16th, 2011 $215 Sunday Million [1.5 Mil]     3930/8677

I'll have another shot at it and I'll be more disciplined next time...MY PROMISE to MYSELF and the PSO community.