I wasn't planning on updating the blog today, but since yesterday was a my worst day so far, I thought it would be good to document.  I played a total of 5 tournaments and raked up -50.84 points for the day.  My rank went from 4th overall all the way down to 38th.  My score peaked at 1883.45 before getting crushed w/ 3 negative results in a row which brought me down to 1828.82.

In the last tournament my AA was cracked by 10,8s...then I managed to stretch out the time and my 20 chips to out last about 200 more people...still my worst finish of the month.  I don't like the trend for the day...just got worse and worse.  In the first tournament I was only 12 places away from cashing...close,  but no cigar :wink:

147/1059     + 3.20 Points
310/1500     + 0.59 Points
677/1468     -12.39 Points
1133/1517  -20.63 Points
1437/1821  -21.61 Points

Total             -50.84 Points

Hoping for better day today