Waking up this morning I find myself in a very respectable 4th place on the leaderboards (1879.60).  Yesterday was a good day w/ 4 cashes out of the 5 tournaments that I played.  Unfortunately, the one tournament that I didn't cash in...I made a HUGE mistake and ended up busting out very early and racked up a large NEGATIVE point value.  It was going to be hard to lay that one down as my AAA ran into QQQQ, but it was still my mistake.

As my ranking score increases the points that I recieve for a cash has come down a lot, and that makes an early bust out even more damaging.

Results for 1/11/2011

115/1058     +20.38 Points
74/1546       +18.10 Points
1123/1538    -20.28 Points
137/1629     +18.18 Points
139/1633     +14.99 Points

Total             +51.37 Points

It was NOT long ago that I was recieving 30 points for a cash, and then 25 points, and now...15!  The move to and through 1900 is going to be slow and painful if the points keep decreasing this quickly for a cash.

Good luck to all...