Okay, currently in 10th position overall (score of 1812.70) and it is very exciting to be on the front page and in the top 10!  It might not last for long, but I'm happy to be here for a brief moment or two :wink:

I had to cut back on the number of tournaments I've been playing to make room for some gf time.  So I don't know how much I will be playing until she goes back to work or has to travel out of town...then I'll return to my 6 a day...otherwise I will have to get a tourney in here and there.

Good thing is--in last 4 tournaments I played I was fourtunate enough to cash--lets see if we can string together a longer win streak. 

Also, I placed 19th in the tournament this morning and I've gotten a few points less than in the other cashes...there must be some kind of handicap built into the ranking system once you cross the 1800 mark.